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  • 23 - Mar
  • 2023

Certificate award ceremony for legal translation trainee prospective graduates by the French Embassy

A delegation from the French Embassy, consisting of the French legal and judicial attaché Ms.  Emilie Désormière and trainee judges Sarah Christie and Batiste Goudreau, meet with several professors and graduate students at the School of Law. During this meeting, which was moderated by Dr. Mohammad Al-Fawarah, an introductory lecture was delivered by the French trainee judges about the French legal system as well as judges' status in France, followed by an interactive dialogue between the graduate students, the French delegation, and the attending School members. At the end of the meeting, certificates were awarded to the participating graduate students for their completion of the voluntary training in legal translation.

This visit comes with the initiative from the school of law to train graduate students in legal translation skills, to connect both academic and practical aspects of the study of law. The graduate students from the legal translation team, accompanied the two trainee judges from l'École Nationale de la Magistrature in their visit to the Jordanian courts during their international training to get acquainted with the national judicial system in Jordan, where the participating students translated the facts of the trials, as well as the trial procedures. It also included field trips during the period of three weeks to many courts and various judicial and legal institutions including the Amman Human Rights Magistrate Court Amman Criminal Court, Amman Court of First Instance (rights and penalties), Juvenile Court, State Security Court, Ministry of Social Development, Juvenile Welfare House, Major Criminal Court, Administrative Court, Sharia Court, Laboratories and Criminal Evidence, Juwaida Correction, and Rehabilitation Center, Family Protection Department events, and the National Center for Human Rights.