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Program Specifications

Ph.D. In Law / Program Details

Program Title:
Program Code:
Level of Study:
An internationally distinguished program in the field of managing and organizing the knowledge society and preparing human cadres specialized in the field of law and legal research.
Effectively contributing to building a culture of lifelong learning and improving the level of love in local, regional and global communities, in order to prepare qualified human cadres with all skills, competencies and knowledge specialized in the field of law to develop work in the legal profession and the judiciary and development centers, spread legal culture and provide legal advice.
Final Qualification:
Other Department(s) involved in teaching the program:
Mode of Attendance) e.g., full time):
Duration of the Program:
Eight semesters, which can be extended for two semesters with the approval of the Dean of the College and the recommendation of the committee. (Minimum six semesters)
Credit hours/ contact hours:
Study Plan: Studying ( 54 ) Credit Hours as following:
1.    Obligatory Courses ( 21 ) credit hours
2.    Elective Courses ( 15 ) Credit Hours
3.    Pass the qualifying exam
4.      Thesis:(18) Credit hours
Language of Instruction:
Entrance Requirements:
First: General Rules & Conditions:
1. This plan conforms to valid regulations of the programs of graduate studies.
2. Specialties of Admission:
    - Bachelor and Master Degrees in Law
Second:  Special Conditions:
- Experience in the legal field for a period not less than three years, in which the following fields are considered: Judicial (Courts), Advocacy (Lawyers), Legal consultancy, and Legal education.
Program regulations:
No. of approval by the Ministry of Higher Education:
Date of approval by the Ministry of Higher Education:
Date of Production:
Date of Revision:
Program Director:

Dr. Mohammad Nawwaf Thalaj Al-Fawareh