Welcome to School of Law

A royal decree on 6/4/1976 was issued to establish the School of law at the University of Jordan, and in 16/9/1977 the School admitted and started teaching the first group of students in a program where they graduate with minor speciality in law. This step was then followed by launching d Postgraduate Program.The School of Law has a Vision to lead and distinguishe itself with effect and impact on international level in the creation and development of new knowledge and the management and organization of information to becomes an inevitable and reliable reference of legal expertise amongst its peers accomplishing a high international ranking .In Addition , the school of law aims to Embowering student with critical thinking skills and incapacitate of best legal knowledge as needed, Developing students legal and methodological thinking and expression utilizing interactive teaching methods, Sustain the schools leadership of other national law schools, the MENA Area, and beyond and Ascending on all accredited International Universities Ranking scales . And Finally The School of Law has qualified Academic and Administrative staff .