Our Goals

 As an acadmic institution, the School of Law strives to accomplish a set of objectives. The main objectives that the School aims to achive mainly include the following:

1.      Transfer of legal knowledge and training through learing, education, and continuous education directed to its students and targeted groups in the society in general following and in accordance to the international high education standards conducive of outcome charctarized with with outstanding quality, and utilizing educational technological means and methods including exposing the School’s community to actual practice of the legal profession as it is possible and leaning on best local, national and international practices in Juridical Science.
2.      Increase and enhance cognitive and qualitative scientific as well as interdisplinary research in the mirade of different legal ares and topics of legal studies.
3.      The creation and enhansemnt of a competitive environment among law students in different law fields through encouragement and motivation.
4.      Emowring student with critical thinking skills and incapacitate of best legal knowledge as needed.
5.      Developing student's legal and methodological thinking and expression utilizing interactive teaching methods.
6.      Sustain the school's leadership of other national law schools, the MENA Area, and byound.
7.      Acending on all acridited International Universities Ranking scales.
8.      Consolidate student's values and morals of tolerance, the other, and others' thinking in conformite with the country's religion, consitiution, and the Amman Massege.
9.      Creating suitable acadmic environment for school's members that is condusive of producing advanced research and viprant engament in policy development and revision.
10.  Prviding the right and proper work place environment for adminstitive staff as a necessary supportive sources for the School.

School of Law

The Right To Prevail And Not Be Second To None