PH.D. in Public Law
Program Description :Ph.D. In Public Law I. General Rules and Conditions : 1. This plan Conforms to the valid regulations of the programs of graduate studies . 2. Areas of specialty admission in this program : - Holding both Bachelor and Masters (LLM)Degrees in Law > II. Special Conditions: 1. Having experience in the legal field for a period not less than three years, in which the following fields are considered: Judicial (Courts), Advocacy (Lawyers), Legal consultancy, and Legal education. III. This study plan : Studying (54) Credit Hours as follows : 1. Compulsory Courses: ( 21) credit hours of the level (900) and above : 2. The Optional Courses: (15) credit hours from the following : 3. Pass the qualifying Exam (1002998). Dissertation : (18) Credit hours (1002999
Program Type :Postgraduate
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Program Department :Public Law

School of Law

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