Welcome to School of Law

A royal decree on 6/4/1976 was issued to establish the School of law at the University of Jordan, and in 16/9/1977 the School admitted and started teaching the first group of students in a program where they graduate with minor spatiality in law. This step was then followed by launching the Bachelor Degree Program in 1978/1979. More developments followed therein onward as the Faculty created its first Postgraduate Program: Master In Law Degree Program in 1980/1981.A new angle of development took place in 2002 when the School instituted a specialized Master Program: that is, the Intellectual Property Master Program which was developed in cooperation with and support of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Last but not least, the School set up its PH.D. program in Public Law majors in 2008/2009 which has been considered a major and very important development catered for the legal and academic needs of the Jordanian society.The total number of currently enrolled students in all programs is (1341) divided as following: (1159) Bachelor students; (79) student in both Master Programs and (103) PH.D student. The present number of Faculty is(32).Currently, the School is revising its PH.D program in order to make it exclusive of private law areas of study. This process mandates a through revision of the program’s plan where subjects from the Private Law Department will be added to the plan in both mandatory and elective courses required for completion of the degree. The School expects the new program to obtain all necessary approvals and accreditation this year and the administration of the School hopes that it will admit new students into the new