School of Law
The Right To Prevail And Not Be Second To None
Welcome to School of Law
Dearest visitors welcome to the faculty of law, it established in 1976, where you can find useful information about the faculty and its academic and administrative staff. For any further exploration, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Faculty of Law seeks to contribute by its academic and administrative staff actors to build the state of law and institutions in Jordan, the good and tender one, through place the values of justice, truth and equality for all in the minds of our dearest students. Faculty of Law has been working honestly and sincerity to produce an efficient quality distinct from the lawyers are capable of carrying a message of truth and justice and injustice through proper understanding of the spirit of the law. According to the high position of the Faculty of Law at the University of Jordan resettlement program has been allocated for future judges of the early high school and supervised by the Ministry of Justice in this Faculty exclusively. And this is the trust which we value and proud of, as it requires that we all have to work on the development of study plans to get by with recent developments in legal studies, and the transition from initiation to build capacity for analysis and conclusion, and this is done by following up-to-the-minute methods of teaching. It also requires openness and cooperation with all human rights organizations, local and international, and to disseminate the legal culture in our dear country, which is essentially that the judiciary should be the bulwark of both seeks equity and justice, and each of the calls for protection of the rights and freedoms of insulting them, and the men of the law do not have authority over them only to their conscience and the law.