Within the " Theory Vs Practice"A group of students from the School of law went to the grand criminal court

As we continued within the " Theory Vs Practice" we started up this semester with a visit practice to the  grand criminal court  , a group of students from the School of law accompanied with Dr muath Alzoubi , one of the criminal law doctors went to the "" present in juweidah next to Jwaidah prison , who found group of judges welcoming them and all moved to the office of the Court's Cheif ,  Hayel Alamer , who talked about the cases the see everyday such as murder cases and kidnapping and other cases considered within the field of criminal law , He explained the number of cases the usually face every month , saying that all are gradually becoming less as we are improving the judging system , He Also explained the number of judges working within this court and their ranks , who must be above the third level to be hired in such Court .
After that group of judges talked about the changes that was applied on criminal law during the last two years , and students gave many questions on this aspect .

       This visit was a great practice for students who now hold the idea of how's the system working within such courts , A practice fulfilled with information and opportunity for others who will be on the next visits.

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