Within the " Theory Vs Practice"A group of students from The School of law went to the prosecution department


we continued within the " Theory Vs Practice" we started up this semester with a visit practice to the prosecution department  , a group of students from the School of law accompanied with Dr tawfeeq Almajali And dr amal abu anzeh , went to the prosecution department located at the  ، And were welcomed by Judge Abdullah abul ghanam , who talked about how great full he is for such practices our University do , especially those within  the faculty of law , and then he explained how this department works as it is responsible for all prosecutions and arrests, and the way they work is within a pyramid divided into three sections ، as the top of the pyramid control and assure that all procedures are taken within the work of those beneath him. After that students met the Head of Public Prosecutions  ، who continued the speech about their work system and gave permission to ask questions for both students and doctors.

School of Law

The Right To Prevail And Not Be Second To None